21 Ways to Burn 300 Calories Outdoor

From many years, there have been several products being marketed with an intention to assist theobese people in shedding out few calories. Most of the obese individuals try doing different things like sleeping, standing, dancing and breathing inorder to cut down the excessive calories. Have you ever questioned yourself as what it really requires to burn […]

15 Gorgeous Celebrities And Their Ideal Body Weight Secrets

Celebrities always look fabulous. Here are some of the ideal body weight secrets of celebrities.

The Fattest States In United States Of America – 2010

Obesity means having a 30 or higher BMI which is calculated from a person’s height and weight providing a reasonably accurate indicator of body weight and fatness. We all know what obesity leads to! From major health problems to certain types of cancer and cardiovascular diseases and type-2 diabetes, obesity causes all these and more. […]

A Revelation Of The 10 ‘Top Secret’ Foods Of The Healthiest People In The World

Here are the top 10 secret foods enjoyed by the healthier people in the world

America’s Fattest States – 2009

Mississippi had the highest rate of adult obesity at 32.5 percent, making it the fifth year in a row that the state topped the list. Colorado continued to have the lowest percentage of obese adults at 18.9 percent. Mississippi also had the highest rate of obese and overweight children (ages 10 to 17) at 44.4 […]

How Did They Do It? The Top 7 Most Astonishing Stories Of Successful Weight Loss

You may have seen numerous stories about how some individuals managed to lose weight with the help of a ‘magical’ diet plan or exercise equipment.


  • Enjoy Your New Figure!

    Enjoy Your New Figure!

    You’ve worked hard to lose that extra weight—now, it’s time to enjoy it! Show off your fabulous new figure with a summer wardrobe that is sure to turn some heads. Here are some tips on what to buy and how ...
  • green parsley

    The “Alive” Foods Helping You To Thrive

    We girls, tend to be absolutely obsessed by our weight and any additional ounce drives us mad and stresses us beyond limits. You can’t actually blame women for this because clothes that no longer fit and unwanted curves showing of ...
  • Famous Diets Are Killer Hands In Velvet Gloves

    Famous Diets Are Killer Hands In Velvet Gloves

    When fighting kilograms, we women tend to push ourselves over the limit of common sense and torment our bodies with a great variety of diets. The main cause of this complete frenzy that runs over the world committing women to ...
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  • Obesity and Social Media – Closely Associated

    Obesity and Social Media – Closely Associated

    People are getting too much involved in these social media websites these days and this is resulting in increased weight of the people over a period of considerable time. The people are becoming more passive and idle, and they rarely take time to play some active sports or go out for a walk and continuously […]

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    Top 6 Diet Tips to Lower Triglyceride Levels

    Generally people do not concern a lot about high triglyceride level, but it is actually as unhealthy for your heart as a high cholesterol level. It can increase the risk of a heart attack or a stroke too. Thus it is important that you remain careful to keep the levels of triglyceride low and for […]

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    Effects of Alcohol on Cholesterol Levels

    People who have high cholesterol often face a concern about alcohol consumption affecting their cholesterol level. Does it have harmful effects on the level? Should you quit drinking once you are diagnosed with high cholesterol? All these questions bother many people. Thus, for their convenience, here is a discussion on the effects of alcohol on […]

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